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버지니아에 위치한 IT 회사에서 피닉스 아리조나 지사에 파견할 Software Maintenance Engineer 구인하고 있습니다. 


위치: 피닉스, 애리조나, 


연봉: 대졸 엔트리 기준 60K-65K (경력자는 인터뷰 후 논의) 


자격: 반드시 영주권 이상자여야 함. ( OPT/ H-1B 안됨) 한국어 bilingual 이면 plus. 


Software Maintenance Engineer I 

Job Summary: Seeking a creative and energetic Software Maintenance Engineer I to lead and assist in the implementation, design, and maintenance of client internal applications. This is a three (3) month contract-to-hire position, and upon conversion to full-time employee, candidates will need to pass and receive a Secret Clearance. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

* Consult with customers to determine customer needs and expectations of software requirements 

* Design and develop software applications that cater to customers' specific needs 

* Maintain and modify software to correct errors and keep software current 

* Test software 

* Prepare reports on specifications regarding software capabilities and status 

* Become subject matter expert on the application 

* Provide production support for application 

* Must be able to interact with the business 



* Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field strongly preferred 2 - 4 years development experience 

* Experience in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Java 

* Understanding of Dojo, Ext JS, Quartz, AngularJS, Knockout.js a plus 

* Knowledge of SQL (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle) a plus 

* Experience with Business Process Management System, Spring Framework, EDMS, Scrum and incident/Problem Management is desirable 


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